Our Services

Crown Reduction
Our dedicated team of experts specializes in reducing tree crowns with precision and safety. We prioritise the health of your trees and the well-being of the surrounding environment in every project we undertake.

Our expertise extends to skillfully handling trees in tight spaces or managing large specimens with meticulous care. Equipped with the latest in technology and techniques, we are fully prepared to deliver outstanding crown reduction results, ensuring your trees are not only aesthetically pleasing but also in optimal health.

Emergency Tree Services

Your safety and the protection of your property are our top priorities at CJF Green Care. Our expert team is ready to provide fast emergency tree services to minimize any inconvenience or damage to your property. Whether dealing with storm damage, diseased trees, fallen branches, or any unexpected tree-related issues, you can count on us for quick and efficient solutions.

Tree Removal

Safely and efficiently eliminating undesirable or potentially hazardous trees from your premises, ensuring minimal disruption to your surroundings. Our meticulous approach guarantees that the process is conducted with the utmost care, preserving the integrity of your property and the wellbeing of the surrounding environment.

Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we aim to achieve a seamless removal process, with a keen focus on safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Tree Pruning

Discover efficient and professional tree trimming services with CJF Green Care. Our expert team excels in accurate and safe tree trimming, prioritizing the health of your property and its surroundings at every step. Whether dealing with trees in restricted areas or meticulously trimming large trees, we have the expertise and tools required to perform the task effectively.

Stump Grinding

Our skilled team excels in the accurate and secure eradication of tree stumps, safeguarding the health of your property and environment every step of the way. Capable of handling both modest and substantial stumps with precision, we are equipped with the expertise required to efficiently execute the task at hand.

Hedge Trimming

Explore the art of hedge maintenance with CJF Green Care, where precision meets aesthetics. Our seasoned professionals are adept at sculpting hedges to enhance the visual appeal and health of your garden. With a keen eye for detail and a gentle touch, we ensure that every cut contributes to the vitality and beauty of your outdoor space. Our service is tailored to cater to the unique needs of each hedge, employing advanced techniques and equipment to shape and maintain your greenery with utmost care.